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I'm try to achieve in classic asp what has been done here in ASP.NET

Asp.net - Empty QueryString Parameter

So if i have a page question.asp

<form action="result.asp" method="POST">
Name:<input type="Text" name="name" maxlength="30"><BR>
Age:<input type="Text" name="age" maxlength="10"><BR>
Sex:<input type="Text" name="Sex" maxlength="10"><BR>
<input type="Submit" name="submit" value="submit"><BR>

And nothing is input in e.g. 'Sex' text box I stil need to know that it was sent. e.g. name=karl&age=39&sex=


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If you're using the post method, you should look into the Request.Form to get the parameters passed. The following code will print the keys/values received, including empty ones. Watch out though, it will also return the submit input !

Dim i
for i = 1 to request.form.Count 
   response.write request.form.Key(i) & " " & request.form.Item(i) & "<br />"

Edit: The same goes for Request.QueryString

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