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It seems cake test always returns 0 to the shell, even when some tests fail. This is probably fine for human, but causes problem in continuous integration. Is there anyway to make cake test return non-0 when some test fails?

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You can always use grep:

cake test | grep -qve '0 tests failed'

Replace "0 tests failed" with a string that clearly determines that all tests passed fine.

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I don't know how good is an answer after 2 years, but looks like the solution to this is explained here:


What I understand is that cake by itself is very lightweight and doesn't do anything about returning a proper exit code. But by looking for a couple of clues like presence of "✗ Broken" in the output or checking the exit code of the spec runner itself, you can instruct cake to return "1", so that your CI understands that the tests failed.

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