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I have following directory structure:

  • /
    • package/
      • subpackage/
        • __init__.py
        • file.py
      • __init__.py
      • file.py
    • main.py

/package/subpackage/__init__.py has following code:

from .. import file;

It imports /package/file.py as expected.

/main.py has following code:

from package import subpackage as foo;
from package.subpackage import file as bar;

Last line imports /package/file.py, not /package/subpackage/file.py. bar.__name__ confirms it. Why? What's wrong?

Python 2.5.2. Each file has

from __future__ import absolute_import;

at beginning.

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Nothing is wrong, it does exactly what you told it to:

When you import package.subpackage, you're executing /package/subpackage/__init__.py. And there you do from .. import file. So file in package.subpackage is package.file.

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Because it imports file from .., just as your first snippet says.

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