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Hello I want to make my site displayed in different languages. I had idea to use Google Translate API. Is it good method or it will make site slow? Is it compatible with jQuery? If it's a bad solution can any expert of web development explain or give a link of good article, of better metod to translate whole site?

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I don't consider this being a problem nor a question. Downvoted due to lack of research. –  Marcus Ekwall May 18 '11 at 12:38
Have you actually looked at the output of Google Translate? It's fine when you know you're looking at something translated by machine, but it gets all sorts of things terribly wrong. –  Pointy May 18 '11 at 12:39

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As i can see, answered peoples already told you that google translate is not best choice. I suggest you make your own language file (.php) and let the user choose which language to use. But if you wanna that with google api, when try this: http://translateth.is/

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Google Translate is all around a bad idea. Hire someone (find a friend) who speaks the languages your interested in targeting and have them do the translation. Heaven forbid you let Google do it and your English expression becomes a Swedish insult.

Here's some articles to get you started (though I'm not sure what backend tech you're using):



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