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What is the best way to start developing Windows Mobile Professional applications in Python? Is there a reasonable SDK including an emulator? Is it even possible without doing excessive amount of underlaying Windows API calls for UI for instance?

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If the IronPython and .Net Compact Framework teams work together, Visual Studio may one day support Python for Windows Mobile development out-of-the-box. Unfortunately, this feature request has been sitting on their issue tracker for ages...

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Python CE

Python port for Windows CE (Pocket PC) devices. Intended to be as close to desktop version as possible (console, current directory support, testsuite passed).

Python CE

alt text

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Missing Link: – S.Lott Oct 5 '09 at 11:04

(I used to write customer apps for Windows Mobile.)

Forget about python. Even if it's technically possible:

  • your app will be big (you'll have to bundle the whole python runtime with your app)
  • your app will use lots of memory (python is a memory hog, relative to C/C++)
  • your app will be slow
  • you wont find any documentation or discussion groups to help you when you (inevitably) encounter problems

Go with C/C++ (or C#). Visual Studio 2005/2008 have decent tools for those (SDK for winmo built-in, debugging on the emulator or device connected through USB), the best documentation is for those technologies plus there are active forums/discussion groups/mailing lists where you can ask for help.

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also for people that haven't done much/any mobile/embedded development... they need to remeber that speed and memory are big issues. You are not working on a multi-GHz system that has several GB of RAM. Most mobiles may have upwards of 400MHz processes and maybe 256MB of RAM. – Matthew Whited Nov 7 '09 at 14:00

Just found this:

Looks like a complete set of .CAB files to provide Python on Windows Mobile.

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