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In my Zend-Framework project, I want to execute a MySQL Procedure that perform some complex search operation's.

But I don't have any idea about HOW to call or create PROCEDURE'S, if requires.

Please suggest some code.....

Thanks In Advance.

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this will show you how to call it: stackoverflow.com/questions/1303912/… –  Marcin May 18 '11 at 12:50
I believe that this is not really a Zend_Framework related question. You simply execute an SQL query where you call/create the MySQL procedure. See here: brainbell.com/tutorials/MySQL/Using_Stored_Procedures.htm –  Gergely Havlicsek May 18 '11 at 12:51
+1 Thanks Marcin, it will be very helpful for me.... –  Pushpendra May 19 '11 at 10:02

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You can do it similar to how you prepare/bind normal SELECT/INSERT queries

$stmt = $db->prepare('CALL procedure(:param1, :param2)');
$stmt->bindValue(':param1', 0);
$stmt->bindValue(':param2', 1000);
$rows = $stmt->fetchAll();
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Zend_db_statement can take any piece of SQL.

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