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I am building an App using Sencha touch api. I have a model

    {fields: [{name:'TaskID', type:'int'}, 
             {name:'DueDate', type:'date'},
             {name:'ClientName', type:'string'},
             {name:'TaskName', type:'string'},
             {name:'AssignedTo', type:'string'}]

I recieve a date /Date(1304879400000)/ i.e Ajax serialized date. So how do i convert into readable date format. Any help would be appreciated.


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Use a converter in the model config:

fields: [
        name: 'datetime',
        type: 'date',
        dateFormat: 'MS'

The above model has two fields: id and datetime, with datetime being parsed as a Microsoft serialised Ajax string.

See docs for dateFormat and the 'MS' format.

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The number is the timestamp so you could parse it like:

 date = new Date(parseInt(DueDate.substr(6)));

Where DueDate is your "/Date(1304879400000)/" formatted string

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So how do i convert within model itself? –  mehul9595 May 19 '11 at 6:38

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