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In my C# (2010) application I have a DataGridView in Virtual Mode which holds several thousand rows. Is it possible to find out which cells are onscreen at the moment?

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    public void GetVisibleCells(DataGridView dgv)
        var vivibleRowsCount = dgv.DisplayedRowCount(true);
        var firstDisplayedRowIndex = dgv.FirstDisplayedCell.RowIndex;
        var lastvibileRowIndex = (firstDisplayedRowIndex + vivibleRowsCount) - 1;
        for (int rowIndex = firstDisplayedRowIndex; rowIndex <= lastvibileRowIndex; rowIndex++)
            var cells = dgv.Rows[rowIndex].Cells;
            foreach (DataGridViewCell cell in cells)
                if (cell.Displayed)
                    // This cell is visible...
                    // Your code goes here...

Updated: It now finds visible cells.

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this is exactly what I needed! thanks. – Seidleroni May 18 '11 at 15:35
ATTN: You cannot calculate lastvibileRowIndex like that if you are having invisible rows in the grid. In such case you have to check Visible property of row in for-loop and count those visible rows until you reach vivibleRowsCount. – Sir Kill A Lot Jul 7 '14 at 12:48

I haven't tried this myself, but it seems to me that determining the rectangle of a row using DataGridView.GetRowDisplayRectangle and checking if it overlaps the current DataGridView.DisplayRectangle would be the way to go. Rectangle.IntersectsWith is useful in to do this.

As an optimization I would use DataGridView .DisplayedRowCount after finding the first visible row to determine what rows are visible.

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