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In my project I need to generate a cpp file from the specific project cpp files and include it to "Compile Sources" build phase. I have a python script to generate it. But how can I specify the list of that files to "Run Script" build phase which executes that script (the script takes the names of files as arguments)?


The list of this files is a list of cpp files which I compile. XCode 3.2.6

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I'm not sure about Xcode3, but Xcode4 seems to create a file called foo.LinkFileList (for a target named foo), in the DerivedFiles hierarchy. Xcode is even nice enough to make an environment variable that points to this file, called ${FILE_LIST}. You can tell for sure if you simply call "env" at the top of your script - that'll display all the environment variables, and you can cross-ref those against your known file locations.

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