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I'm having trouble with a tiny code in php:

$price = 135;
$price_sale = number_format($price * 0.75,2,',','');
//*returns 101,25 *//
$count_products = 3;
$new_price = number_format($price_sale * $count_products,2,',','');
//* returns 303,00 and not 303,75 *//

How can I fix this problem?



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3 Answers 3

Keep numbers as numbers. Don't format until the output stage.

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Never do number_format on numbers you want to do calculations with.

101,25 is not a valid number in PHP.

Work with the raw values until the number is output. Then, do a number_format().

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$new_price = number_format($price * 0.75 * $count_products,2,',','');

as $price_sale is a string and won't probably have the value you're calculating with, after type casting. (See:

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Ok thanks!Pretty stupid by me. Didn't know that number_format has to output at last. – Frank May 18 '11 at 13:20

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