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I am trying to start the redis-server that was installed in windows PC as deamonize service.

I configured the redis.conf file to accept the pidfile and logfile path as follows:

pidfile D:\HMS Build\redis\bin\redis.pid
logfile D:\HMS Build\logs\redis.log

While i was trying to start the server, i am getting the following error message.

Reading the configuration file, at line 52
>>> 'logfile D:\HMS Build\logs\redis.log'
Can't open the log file: Invalid argument

I would like to know how to provide the filepath that has spaces in it.

I tried with single quote, double quote, but the result is the same: Error

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You need to surround the file name with quotes, as you have a space in your folder name. It is something that always gets me. Try this:

logfile "D:\HMS Build\logs\redis.log"
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I tried with quotes(single & double), It is still showing the error. Right now i solved the problem with relative path (i.e) something like this: ../logs/redis.log –  Siva May 19 '11 at 4:51

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