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I'm tring to use the {{PAGENAME}} magic word in a regular expression to include an article based on the value of a parameter passed to a template. When I use the following statement with the article name hard-coded it correctly selects the articles I want:

includematch = /reportType\s*=\s*AccountReport/s

However, when I transclude the DPL into the AccountReport article, the following doesn't work:

includematch = /reportType\s*=\s*{{PAGENAME}}/s

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Is {{PAGENAME}} being parsed before being used in the regular expression or is it trying to match the literal string?

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I was using the DPL tag <dpl> but it wasn't parsing {{PAGENAME}} before applying the regular expression. When I changed it to use the parser function {{#dpl: then {{PAGENAME}} was evaluated and used within the regular expression as I required.

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The way the dpl code is read makes it impossible for it to read the magic word. Use the dpl extension instead:

{{#dpl|code goes here}}
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