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I am using n-unit 2.5.9. N-unit is executing tests too slow. Almost taking 1 sec to execute 1 line. which is making a test case too slow. Any idea what's going wrong. How to increase its performance. As after doing some research found out that n-unit is much faster than mstest but currently since I am shifted to n-unit from mstest facing a 80% decrease in performance. test that was taking 2 minutes to execute in mstest are now taking 8 minutes in n-unit.

Following is the code..Mine are regression tests that tests the whole system. and works brilliantly on mstest


    'Enter Itinerary Information
    Assert.AreEqual(Browser.GetTitle(), Titles.Requirements)
    Browser.Select(pAdultID, _Adults)
    Browser.Type(pFromID, Departure_From)
    Browser.Type(pToID, Arrival_To)
    Browser.Type(pDeparture_DateID, Departure_Date)
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Is this for all tests, or only some? Do you have lots of other CPU or disk activity? Does a trivial line of code (Assert.IsTrue(true) for example) run slowly? – Pedro May 18 '11 at 15:47
Just to make sure. Are those tests unit or integration tests? Can You show simplest test that runs with the speed of 1 line per sec? – Piotr Perak May 18 '11 at 20:30
Are You sure that this test still runs around 4 times faster on mstest? Do you have mstest version to compare? Or do You just remember that it worked faster. What is the Browser? It's not Watin I think because I don't recognize the methods. – Piotr Perak May 19 '11 at 17:41

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