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I have written REST web service in netbean IDE using jersey framework and java. For every request user need to provide username and password , I know the authentication is not good. Using curl command like : curl -u username:password -X PUT http://localhsot:8080/user

Now I want to call REST web service from android class.What should I write? I am new to android. I have a android class which use DefaultHttpClient and CredentialUsernameAndPassword. But when i run in eclipse, sometime I get runtime exception or sdk exception.

Do anyone give me sample code and suggestion?


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Do you use basic authentication? if so: use this.

if (username != null && password != null) {
                    new AuthScope(null, -1),
                    new UsernamePasswordCredentials(username, password));

or you can add those in a header as setHeader("Authentication", "Basic "+Base64EncodedString(username,pass);

What you are doing is using Proxy authentication. why?

this article may also be helpful somehow:


also the -u stands for the ntlm authorization so maybe look into that too. there were some topics where it said it is not supported on android or something but i am sure if you need it you can make a workaround.

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