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I have nested my resources (see below) and when I try to create a new entity, I get the following error. Does anyone know why I'm getting this error and how to solve it?

undefined method `applications' for nil:NilClass

resources careers do
    resources applications

Within the 'Applications' controller I have:

before_filter [[:authenticate, :except => :new], :load_career]

def create
      # The following line is where the error originates
    @application =[:application])

    respond_to do |format|

def load_career
    @career = Career.find(params[:career_id])

The Career and Application models have has_many :applications and belongs_to :career respectively.

And the '*_create_applications' migration has a career_id field.

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I have never seen before_filters defined that way. I just tried it in Rails 3 and it doesn't seem to do anything. I would give each callback it's own before_filter call:

before_filter :authenticate, :except => :new
before_filter :load_career
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