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I am using vim's spell dictionary feature, and add these lines to my .vimrc set dictionary=~/.vim/dict/en_US.dic set complete+=k

Then I open vim and input le, then input <ctrl+x> and <ctrl+k>. The auto complete show up correctly. But when I delete le to null, the vim screen is frozen. It seems vim keep scan dictionary and try to show all words in dictionary into the screen. After about 3 minutes, vim will come back and show up a list of words.

screen copy as following: open vim and input le, and invoke auto complete then delete all input chars, will get vim screen frozen after about 3 minutes, vim will come back

Anyone know how to get rid of this?

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You can try to hit CTRL C to interrupt the search for suggestion.

It works for most of the long processes freezing Vim.

There is also a spellsuggest option that you can use to limit the size of the suggestion list. Using 10 as a max value might speed up the process at the cost of less results found.

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[CTRL-C] works for me, it will add a extra string, " =<SNR>17_RestoreVE()", to the current document. And ":set spellsuggest =5" seem not work, I still got a very long list. – leon May 19 '11 at 5:44
you should accept the answer – Funkodebat Oct 8 '13 at 17:44

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