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I am developing a fairly process hungry application which I need to take an image and save it every time a button is pressed. On pressing the button I trigger the setOneShotPreviewCallback() method of the camera object to get a byte[] representing the image at that moment. At the moment after this I take this byte[] and convert that to a bitmap using a YUVImage object which is very heavy on the processor. To reduce this I crop the image using:

Rect rect = new Rect(4*w/10, 0, 9*w/10, h);
final ByteArrayOutputStream output_stream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
yuv_image.compressToJpeg(rect, 100, output_stream);

I would like to know if I can do this only using the byte[] and not have to convert it to the YUV Image? like before the callback is triggered the Rect is created and the byte[] is only populated with the image data inside that Rect?

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I don't understand this part "On pressing the button I trigger the setOneShotPreviewCallback()" . Its a callback, you can't trigger it.. and I don't think it is giving you the correct raw image when you actually perform the capture. The callback can be called anytime.. see the documentation here – bluefalcon May 20 '11 at 10:55
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Try to set up PreviewFormat:

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