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I'm maintaining a cache in JavaScript using jquery in a global cache variable.

Whenever new information is received using AJAX it is added to the cache.

If it is not in the cache, I want to AJAX it from the server.

I want to implement a function to query on demand and to use it like so:


Where GetName() should be like:

function GetName(username) {
    if (Cache[username] != null) return Cache[username];
    return QueryUsernameFromServer(username)

QueryUsernameFromServer() should be like:

function QueryUsernameFromServer (username) {
    return $.ajax(…);

However, $.ajax is async meaning that it cannot wait for a value (and thus cannot return it).

Using $.ajax in sync mode is highly not recommended (browser hangs and it doesn’t support JSONP),

Using this,, approach requires a callback. However, creating a callback for each use is not desired.

Is there a good way to implement a “cache on demand” function in js and ajax without a dedicated callback for each use?

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You'll need to have the callback, because AJAX is...wait for it..."A"synchronous.

Just add a callback to your functions that query the cache. It's pretty simple:

function getName(username, callback){
     // cache hit, immediately invoke the callback
    // assumes this query function updates the cache and invokes the
    // 2nd parameter when it completes
    queryUsernameFromServer(username, function(){
      // invoke the callback now

And simply convert to an async style in your code:


var name = getName('jvenema');


getName('jvenema', function(name){

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+1 for good solution. this is exactly what I used for our data provider at work. I like having a data layer so that we can resuse it and update all the ajax code in one location (e.g. when jQuery overhauled their ajax namespace). – pixelbobby May 18 '11 at 16:23

If your using jQuery 1.5+ then you can just use deferreds.

function GetName(username) {
    if (Cache[username] != null) return $.when(Cache[username]);
    return QueryUsernameFromServer(username)

And use deferreds as follows

GetName('jvenema').done(function(name) {

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