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Has anyone been able to successfully embed a custom url scheme in an SMS (for example someApp://), such that the iPhone upon receiving the SMS creates a clickable link to launch an app?

There are various questions similar to this out here, however, I have not seen a working solution.


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In general a custom URL scheme is the way to solve this problem. However, this is complicated by the fact that in iOS 5 (and up through iOS 5.1.1 based on my recent testing), Apple introduced a bug into their Messages app so that custom URLs received via SMS are not recognized as links.

See Custom URL scheme not recognized as link in SMS app(only in iphone 4 iOS 5.0)

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In my case on iOS 6, the link is not blue if sent from a custom sender ie text instead of a number. As soon as we started using a shortnumber as sender instead of a custom name, it was recognized as a link.

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Assuming you have defined a custom url scheme as someApp:// you create a link in an SMS as follows:


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