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In a functional test in symfony, sfTestBrowser provides methods

  • click() "Simulates a click on a link or button."
  • select() "Simulates selecting a checkbox or radiobutton."

and unselect().

But I have not found a way to simulate making a selection from a <select> element.

Does anybody know a way to do this?

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This has troubled me too. I'm assuming you just want to set the value for form submission? If you know the value, you can of course just do

$browser->click('Save', array(
    'theselectfield' => 'desired_value'

But usually I don't know the value I want posted, because it's from a database-driven select box. So my solution is

$theOption = $browser->getResponseDomCssSelector()->matchAll('select[name*=name_of_select_field] option:contains(TheOptionTextYouWant)')->getNode();

$browser->setField('theselectfield', $theOption->getAttribute('value'));
... or use $browser->click() instead ...

Frustrating because you have to break out of the $browser call chain, in order to use getResponseDomCssSelector(), but I haven't found an easier way.

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Thanks. I had thought of something like that, but it looked horrendous, and I couldn't see how to select the option. If it's the transition I'm testing, browser->click() will work (though it's a pain to work out all the arguments). –  Colin Fine May 23 '11 at 11:32
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