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I can't figure out how to organize classes in project...

I need to show all Workers with their history of the specialties (types).

I have 3 tables in DB: Workers: id, name, address Specialty: id, description Worker_Type: id_worker, id_specialty, hire_date

I have:

class Specialty

class Worker
    private List<Specialty> history;

How can i map Specialty(Class) to two tables (Specialty and Worker_Specialty) to get all information about worker inculding history ?

Maybe i have to create one more class SpecialtyHistory and map it to Worker_Specialty ?

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What you are describing is called a ternary association, or in other words, a many-to-many relationship that includes adding information on the relationship itself. There are several approaches to mapping ternary associations, one of which being creating a SpecialtyHistory class as you mentioned, treating the relationship as a first class entity. If you did not need hire_date, you could just use a normal many-to-many mapping.

The Hibernate documentation has additional information on ternary associations.

Some previous StackOverflow questions: hibernate: ternary association mapping and Ternary (and n-ary) relationships in Hibernate.

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