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I have a table:

    Field('name', 'string', length=16, required=True, unique=True),
    Field('shape', 'string', length=12, default='star', widget=SQLFORM.widgets.radio.widget, requires=IS_IN_SET(shapes)))

I use this SQLFORM to generate the form:

form = SQLFORM(db.table1, formstyle='divs')

I have the main form using divs, but the radio buttons, still use tables, which is really the one I want in divs. How can can I fix this?

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I think you'll have to create a custom widget (see http://web2py.com/book/default/chapter/07#Widgets). For example:

def div_radio_widget(field, value, **attributes):
    table=SQLFORM.widgets.radio.widget(field, value, **attributes)
    return DIV(
        *[SPAN(td.element('input'), LABEL(td.components[1]))
          for td in table.elements('td')],

The above widget first creates a table using the built-in radio button widget and then pulls out the input elements and labels from the TD's and puts everything in a DIV.

In your table definition, just replace:



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