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Google has failed me and Netbeans 7 is fairly new so I can't find any examples or tutorials yet. I'm using the sample Secure Calculator App that comes with Netbeans, its a simple web service with an add operation that adds two int's together.

If you click on Web Services -> CalculatorWS, then right-click (open context menu) -> Edit Web Service Attributes, then the "Secure Service" options supports

  • SAML Authorization over SSL
  • SAML Sender Vouches with Certificates
  • SAML Holder of Key

Netbeans Secure Service Screenshot

And a bunch of STS (Secure Token Service) options, which I don't want to use an STS right now. Which is the easiest to try, and how try them or make these SAML tokens?

I'm very familiar with Web Services, just not SAML... or Netbeans (More of an Eclipse guy, but getting familiar with NB). I'm really just looking for a place to learn more about this, and if I can this simple example up and running.

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SAML is really starting to take off... it's good to see. I'm way more familiar with it now. So if people have questions let me know.

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