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I am looking to grab the value of a form input.

I think my problem is on this line:

    var vid = $(this).next(".pid").val();

I need to send the value of the input box named 'pid' to a php page, however there are several forms on the page, all with input boxes named 'pid'. When i merely have:


the value that is sent is from another form on the page.

Edit: All I am really trying to do is set the "data" to be an array of all of the data in the form. So if there is a better way to set the "formdata" variable to the id of the form, that would work too.

Below is the jQuery function:

$(".varSel").live("change", function(){
    var vid = $(this).next(".pid").val();
    var formdata = $('form#addToCart'+ vid).serialize();
    	type: "POST",
    	url: "library/varPrice.php",
    	data: formdata,
    	success: function(html){


Below is a form:

<form name='addToCart' id='addToCart99' action='cart.php?action=add' method='post'>
    <ul class='vars' id='varlist_p99'>
        <label for="color">color</label> 
        <select id="color" name="color" class='varSel'>

        <label for="size">size</label> 
        <select id="size" name="size" class='varSel'>

            <div class='price'>

                <input type='hidden' value='99' name='pid'> 
                <input type='submit' class='buynow' value=''>
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can you post some of your HTML? that might help –  hunter Mar 3 '09 at 2:52
yes. The markup is necessary to know the DOM structure. Since you are using next() the DOM structure is critical in knowing if it will work. –  tvanfosson Mar 3 '09 at 2:59

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Replace this:

var vid = $(this).next(".pid").val();
var formdata = $('form#addToCart'+ vid).serialize();

With this:

var formdata = $(this).parents('form').serialize();

Tested and works.

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Why are you using next()?

You should try searching in the context:

$(".pid", this) // if "this" is the current form

Anyway I recommend to make every input with unique id attribute. So you don't have to guess which element will be processed.

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this is not working, as "this" is referring to the select menu that was just used. the name of the form is what i am trying to set to the variable "formdata". the name of the form has the id of "addToCart$1", where $1 a number that is the value of the input box with the class of "pid". –  superUntitled Mar 3 '09 at 3:30

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