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It's easy enough to use the system-supplied user interfaces for taking pictures and movies on supported iOS devices. How do I do raw video capture and manipulation in iOS 3 and iOS 4? I'm looking for the names of the relevant classes and methods, and possibly a tutorial or reference from Apple...

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If you're looking for tuts, there are a lot here.

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Look at the AV Foundation stuff. – JacobB May 18 '11 at 19:33

There good start from Apple with a lots of links that can help. See Audio & Video Starting Point.

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You can't do raw video capture on iOS anymore (there used to be hack for iOS3, but now that's it's official in iOS4, they disallowed the hack).

And on iOS 4 - I believe this is the best start:

(Read a little, then browse to Processing Frames of Video)



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