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I am trying out nservicebus as a solution instead of using WCF MSMQ binding. I have tried to get a in process hello world working by mofigying the full duplex sample. I have got it to the point that I am sending message from the client and the server receives it ( guessing by received messages being printed on the server side) but the request message handler is somehow not registered and is not being called on receipt , i.e not hitting breakpoints that I set.

I think i am supposed to register a handler when configuring the server using -

//initialise nservice bus
        Bus = NServiceBus.Configure.With()

Sorry it could be a very silly question , but just want to get started and the samples are light on in-process hosting examples.

Any pointers or link to examples would be great.

BR Niladri

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You're missing .LoadMessageHandlers() after .UnicastBus().

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Thanks this solved it! –  NiladriBose May 19 '11 at 6:15

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