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I have a site which is built out of many iframes. I am working on monitoring user activity - like when user clicks or keydown.

This is only to see if user is idle or not.

For this, I am drilling down to all iframes,its div tags and registering hover and click events. Meanwhile I dont want to override/break existing inline event handlers which are defined by the application.

Will jquery override exiting eventhandlers? If yes, how can check this to make sure I dont do this?

Here is my usage.

$(divElementObj).click( function() {
    alert("div click");
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Seems like it would be easy to test. jsfiddle.net/HZLVy Did you try first? –  user113716 May 18 '11 at 19:55

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No, jQuery works by using addEventListener/attachEvent. Inline and pre-existing handlers are not overwritten.

See jsFiddle example and the jQuery source to show how this is done.

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As long as you don't use something like event.stopPropagation(); you should be fine. event.stopPropagation(); could cause issues if your existing site is expecting events to bubble.

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There is a plugin for it, but you should only do this when you really need to.

jQuery Override Plugin

$(divElementObj).override('onclick', 'click', function(...));
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