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We recently updated to ColdFusion 9 (from 8) and Flex 4 (from 3).

Now receiving below error when attempting to load Flex portion:

Unable to invoke CFC - The method 'init' in component
C:\ColdFusion9\wwwroot\web_apps\site\model\SessionVO.cfc cannot be accessed remotely.

Do we need to re-export the Flex project to fix problem or maybe code from /flex/remoting-config.xml needs to be updated?

Please don't hesitate to request more info - not too sure where to start?!


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Some examples of your Flex and ColdFusion code would help, but that error indicates that the "init" method is not marked as access="remote". There was a bug early on in ColdFusion 8 that treated methods with access="public" as though they were set to "remote", so your Flex app was probably able to work anyway. This was a security issue. Only methods explicitly exposed as remote should be available.

To fix, most likely you would change your cffunction tag to be access="remote".

<cffunction name="init" access="remote" ...>
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