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I've been using the get_meta_tags() & get_headers() PHP functions, and need to set a timeout value in case the website is slow or unresponsive. Does anyone know how to do it?

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You should be able to influence this (as it's via URL wrappers) with the default_socket_timeout ini setting.

Try either setting it in the php.ini file or by doing something like

ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 10);

to set a 10 sec timeout (the default value is 60)

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thanks a lot for that tip, just tested it, and it works! I am just worried now that it might affect other PHP functions. Is there any way to just set the timeout on those 2 functions, or maybe monitor how long they are running for, then abort them after a number of seconds? – rob May 21 '11 at 8:54

The get_headers and get_meta_tags function use the default HTTP Stream Wrapper underneath. You can either change the ini setting as shown elsewhere on this page or modify the behavior of that wrapper and set a specific timeout:

        'http' => array(
            'timeout' => 5

Note that changing the default HTTP Stream Context will apply to all functions using it. If you want to restore the timeout to the original default settings, do:

$originalDefaults = stream_context_set_default( … );
$meta = get_meta_tags( … );

On a sidenote, if you call any functions using an HTTP Stream Wrapper, PHP will also automatically populate the variable $http_response_header in the current scope, so you don't have to call get_headers in addition, e.g.

$originalDefaults = stream_context_set_default( … );
$meta = get_meta_tags( … );
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