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I am doing an operation to first delete a record then insert in to the same table like this:

String delete = "DELETE FROM t WHERE t.id = id"
String insert = "INSERT INTO t VALUES (id, value1, value2)"

Statement s = conn.createStatement();
s = conn.createStatement();

then my application just blocked there after executing the insert statement. no response at all.

does any one know whats going on?

the db is oracle 11g.

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"then my application just blocked there". Umm, care to point out at which line has the app blocked? –  Vineet Reynolds May 18 '11 at 20:35

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The code below does not need the WHERE clause since you will delete all recorde from t where the id is equal to the id. Was that the intent or did you want to delete a specific id?

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no, I just want to delete one –  Leon May 18 '11 at 20:37

do s.close() after the deletion and insertion

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you are misusing the sql statements

String delete = "DELETE FROM t WHERE t.id = ?"
String insert = "INSERT INTO t VALUES (?, ?, ?)"

PreparedStatement s = null;
    s = conn.prepareStatement(delete);
}finally{if(s!=null)s.close();s = null;}
    s = conn.prepareStatement(insert );
}finally{if(s!=null)s.close();s = null;}

in your code you didn't pass anything from your local vars and the sql server didn't know where to get the values of id, value1 and value2

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s.executeUpdate(delete); are you sure that you didn't got some SQLException here, because this "DELETE FROM t WHERE t.id = id" seems as invalid statement

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I found the reason. the AUTOCOMMIT flag is set to OFF.

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How does that affect anything? Unless you are executing the two statements in separate sessions which would seem highly unlikely given the code sample you posted. –  Justin Cave May 18 '11 at 23:00

If the database halts during heavy DML it may be due to the archive destination being full. Move archives to backup and the database will continue.

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