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In a php file I can do:

<p><?php echo "hello!";?></p>

Is there a way to do this in node, if yes what's the logic for it?

I have an idea how could this be done:

  • Use an identifier markup for node in the HTML file like: <node>code</node>

  • Load & Parse HTML file in Node

  • Grab node markup from the HTML file and run it

But I'm not sure if this is the best way or even if it works :)

Please note I want to learn node.js, so express and other libraries and modules are not answers for me, because I want to know the logic of the process.

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Join us in the node.js chat room ;) – Raynos May 18 '11 at 21:05
This question does not relate to programming embedded systems so I have removed the tag. see stackoverflow.com/tags/embedded/info – ʎəʞo uɐɪ May 19 '11 at 8:59
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What your describing / asking for a node.js preprocessor. It does exist but it's considered harmful.

A better solution would be to use views used in express. Take a look at the screencasts.

If you must do everything from scratch then you can write a micro templating engine.

function render(_view, data) {
    var view = render.views[view];
    for (var key in data) {
        var value = data[key];
        view.replace("{{" + key + "}}", value);
    return view;

render.views = {
    "someView": "<p>{{foo}}</p>"

http.createServer(function(req, res) {
    res.end(render("someView", {
        "foo": "bar" 

There are good reasons why mixing php/asp/js code directly with HTML is bad. It does not promote seperation of concerns and leads to spaghetti code. The standard method these days is templating engines like the one above.

Want to learn more about micro templating? Read the article by J. Resig.

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Hi @Raynos could you explain me how can I execute a node.js command from an .html file with this templating engine? As I understand this is just changes the foo to bar? or I'm missunderstood something again? – Adam May 31 '11 at 20:30
@CIRK use a bigger templating engine. Mustache, EJS, Jade, jQuery templ, etc. Take a look at the express screencasts and whilst your at it use express, it has a great view engine – Raynos May 31 '11 at 20:33
Hello. 2 of 3 links are broken. I don't know if they can be fixed, but I'd love to access those materials :) – Gui Imamura Oct 7 '14 at 17:04

You can try using JooDee, a node webserver which allows you to embed serverside javascript in your web pages. If you are familiar with Node and PHP/ASP, it is a breeze to create pages. Here's a sample of what a page looks like below:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<:  //server side code in here
    var os = require('os');
    var hostname = os.hostname();
    <div>Your hostname is <::hostname:></div>

Using JooDee also lets you expose server javascript vars to the client with no effort by attaching attributes to the 'Client' object server side, and accessing the generated 'Client' object in your client side javascript.


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Use a template engine. From terminal

npm install ejs

In code:

var ejs = require('ejs');

var options = {
  locals: {
    foo: function() { return "bar"; }

var template = "<p><%= foo() %></p>";
console.log(ejs.render(template, options));
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Not sure if this is what you're looking for:

Javascript Pre-processor:


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This link is broken – Gui Imamura Oct 7 '14 at 17:10

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