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A small problem in terms, hopefully, of the solution. It's a pain to fix though atm, hours it's taking everytime.

So, when I do amendments to my site and I am ready to publish them to the live server. I use 'Publish Web Site', then use those files to be uploaded to upload via FTP. However, when I am done publishing (the whole site) which ever pages I have edited lose all recognision to where things are located. For example, I edited a 'Dashboard' page, publish to website, and now it cant find, images, ContentPlaceHolders etc etc.

Also, I publish to a seperate folder so it does not get mixed up or impair the non-pubilshed one, although to my avail it actually does affect the non-published one (with the Could Not Find errors) and I struggle to rectify this - forgot how I did it last time, I think I made a new WebSite and just imported everything across except errored pages - creating new ones - then copying methods etc across.

What am I doing wrong? I was under the assumption that this was the best way to publish a site, rather than upload the ASPX and CS/VB file seperate on to the live server? If I'm wrong I'll just upload them as page.aspx and page.aspx.cs in future :S

As always any help is very much appreicated,


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When you make changes and pre-compile the site (publish) are you uploading only the modified pages or everything? –  ashelvey May 18 '11 at 21:11
Only the modified files –  Dan May 19 '11 at 19:12
Only the .aspx or the .aspx and the pre-compiled dlls? Depending on what options you using to pre compile you may have to copy EVERYTHING output by the publish action over for it to work.. it's a trade off for the initial speed of a fully pre-compiled build. –  ashelvey May 19 '11 at 21:12

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