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I'm having trouble referencing other scripts in my unity project from boo scripts. For example, SendMessage is a MonoBehavior I created elsewhere, doing this:

import UnityEngine

class MissionIcon (SendMessage): 

    def Start ():

    def Update ():

throws a "The name SendMessage does not denote a valid type (not found). adding an

import SendMessage

throws a "Namespace SendMessage not found", adding

import SendMessage from Scripts.GUI.menus

(my script is under Assets/Scripts/GUI/menus) complains that that's not an assembly, and adding

import SendMessage from "Scripts/GUI/menus"

says the same thing. So.. how do I do this? Thanks and sorry about the total n00bness of the question

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I think, you have to import script as any other unity asset. Look at http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Manual/Asset%20Import%20and%20Creation.html

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AFAIK boo can't import script files.
You should import required namespace and add referenced file to booc. Something like:

booc.exe file1.boo file2.boo
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