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I have this code:

if ($('#txtEdit').val == '') {
    window.parent.$('#note' + appid + dbid).html('<img src="images/note_gray.png">');
} else if ($('#txtEdit').val != '') {
    window.parent.$('#note' + appid + dbid).html('<img src="images/note.png">');

I've also tried it with a simple "else" instead of the "else if". I have also tried val(null) instead of val == ''. In all instances, it will work one way, but not the other. For example, as it is now (above) if I put something in the text box (txtEdit) it will set the div to note.png. However, emptying the textbox will not change it to note_gray.png.

I am new to jquery/javascript. Sorry.

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Neither of your comparisons is valid. val is a function that returns a string. It is not a property.

if ($('#txtEdit').val() == '') {
    window.parent.$('#note' + appid + dbid).html('<img src="images/note_gray.png">');
} else { // else if unnecessary
    window.parent.$('#note' + appid + dbid).html('<img src="images/note.png">');
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Gah, I swear I had .val() first and it didn't work... but now it seems to be fine with the simple else. Thank you! – Devil's Advocate May 18 '11 at 21:57
(it says I can't accept your answer for another 11 minutes... I sure was planning to go home after I got this working!!!) :) – Devil's Advocate May 18 '11 at 21:57

Turns out the solution from lonesomeday was still causing a problem, but it was due to a detail I did not mention so I will leave that solution checked. I was checking for '' because some of the elements did not have the specified attribute at all. In which case, this works perfectly:

if ($(this).attr('entityid')) {
    url = 'edit/' + thing + '.aspx?appid=' + $('.lblAppID').html() + '&value=' + $(this).attr('entityid');
} else {
    url = 'edit/' + thing + '.aspx?appid=' + $('.lblAppID').html() + '&value=' + $(this).parent().children('.lbl' + thing).html();
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Call val()

if ($('#txtEdit').val() == '') {

with the parens, also, as a good practice, use === and !== to check for equality or not.

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Carissimo Alberto, why is === better than == ? (thanks ina advance!) – Roko C. Buljan May 18 '11 at 22:26
@roXon - it isn't "better", nor "good practice" in this case. == is the equals operator, it uses the abstract equality comparison algorithm to compare the expressions being evaluated. It's often called a truthy comparison. === is the strict equals operator and uses the strict equality comparison algorithm, which includes the type of the expressions being compared, e.g. 0=='' and 0==false are both true, but 0==='' and 0===false are both false. See ECMAScript section 11.9. – RobG May 18 '11 at 23:12
@RobG: in this case it's not a good practice, I was talking in general. – Alberto Zaccagni May 19 '11 at 7:44

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