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How to localize ASP .Net MVC application?

Hello, ich have a small mvc 3 project in which the user should be able to switch between two language (german and french) and i have absolutly no idea how to get it working. can anyone explain it very simple and for someone who has only litty or 0 experience with asp mvc thanks

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I may suggest you starting with the complete guide and once you encounter some specific problems don't hesitate to show your progress (in terms of source code of course) and any specific problems you might have encountered on StackOverflow. I am sure you will get good answers.

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I've a complete blog post on my blog on building multilingual website, it might help you http://www.dominicstpierre.net/2012/11/aspnet-mvc-multilingual-websites.html.

The concept of changing language is not very hard by just adding the language in the route / url. As @Darin Dimitrov said, check it out and come back with more specific questions / source code.

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