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I don't want Eclipse to display any keyword in bold. I've browsed through a lot of options in the Preferences window, but could not find a way to do this. Is it possible?

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This depends on the type of file you're editing. For example, in Java:

Window menu -> Preferences -> Jave -> Editor -> Syntax Colouring -> Java (in the "Element" box) -> Keywords excluding 'return' -> Uncheck bold

Similarly for "Keyword 'return'".

Look at the preview to check everything you want is no longer bold.

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+1 exactly my settings too--unbold keywords except return. –  karmakaze May 18 '11 at 23:42
For C++, it's almost exactly the same procedure. But you have to uncheck bold for a dozen or so different things. Too bad there's not a single option to disable bold across the board. –  jfritz42 Jul 5 '12 at 22:03

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