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I want to have independent .markdown files that I then include in my haml templates. So I want to somehow include -- not render -- an external file into the template. I want the parent file to have :markdown in it, with the inclusion directly below that, and then the .markdown file to just be pure markdown.

Or: Is there a way to just use markdown as a rails template language (same way i can write templates or partials in erb or haml and rails just figures it out)?

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The simplest way I could think of is to create a custom template handler for Markdown. That you get to use Markdown code as partials (also getting support for locals for free).

module Markdown
  class Template < ActionView::Template::Handler
    include ActionView::Template::Handlers::Compilable

    self.default_format = Mime::HTML

    def compile(template)
      '"' + + '".html_safe'

And then register it with markdown extension (in application.rb or custom initializer):

ActionView::Template.register_template_handler(:md, Markdown::Template)

And then user render like you would for any partial :)

# for file
= render 'foo'
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This is similar to your solution, but using the :markdown filter. Haml does string interpolation on any filtered text, so you can read the markdown file like this.

  #{, "foo.markdown"))}

You could put this into a helper, but you'd have to be careful with the file paths.

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Ohhh nice, much better than mine. – John Bachir May 19 '11 at 15:11

Here's the best I can come up with (no haml filter involved at all):

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This is something I asked the HAML developers a while back. I suggested we needed an :include filter for HAML. Their response was we should load the file into a variable and then use the variable like we would any other.

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Extending ActionView::Template::Handler is deprecated in at least Rails 3.1.0. Instead the following worked for me:

In lib/markdown_views.rb:

require "rdiscount"

class MarkdownViews

  def call template
    'md =<<\'EOF\'%s
).result( binding) md).to_html.html_safe'% template.source


In config/application.rb:

require "markdown_views"
ActionView::Template.register_template_handler :markdown,

In views/public/home.html.markdown:

# H1

  + Bullets.
  + screaming.
  + from out of nowhere

<%= "Embedded Ruby" %>
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