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Razor syntax prevent escaping html in an action link

Hi all,

Must be an easy way to do this but have tried and failed thus far...

Have a @Html.ActionLink and within the link text I'd like to render a span. Currently doing so encodes the element and it's rendered as text on the page.

Here's what I'm trying:

@Html.ActionLink("Here's some text <span class='myClass'>inside the span</span>"), "ActionName", "ControllerName")

Any ideas how I get the link text to handle HTML and render it correctly?

Thanks Tim

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The ActionLink method can only take plain text.

You should write your own <a> tag and use @Url.Action(...).

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The ActionLink method always HTML-encodes the link text parameter. You would have to write your own version of the helper that does not perform such encoding.

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