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I'm adding a new entry to the main menu of the Delphi IDE (Delphi 2007) and a bmp image to the image list associated to the menu (without passing a mask as parameter)


but the image added is not shown with a transparent color , i tried using a 8 and 24 bits bmp and using fucsia as the background color but the ide always display the icon with the background. so the question is which is the color depth of the bmp images which i must use and the color of the backgrpund to make appear the image transparent in the delphi ide menu? or i need pass a mask bmp to the Images.Add function?

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try using the icon format (.ico) instead, size 16x16 and 256 colors.

this is the code which I use, the MainMenu is the instance to the IDE menu item.

 Image.Handle := LoadIcon(hInstance, sLogo16);

enter image description here

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Thanks very much. –  Salvador May 19 '11 at 2:06

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