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Can we create photoshop file or illustrator file by using php?

I want to create a flash application that can perform simple position allocation with few type of shape, and those position and shape will be "convert" into photoshop file or illustrator file by php.

May i know is there anyway to do it?

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Illustrator is easy enough because the EPS format is fairly standard and the core hasn't changed (the same can't be said of Photoshop).

However, I'm going to recommend that you look into Scalable Vector Graphics, which can also be read by Illustrator or Photoshop: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scalable_Vector_Graphics

This is an XML based markup language and can do everything you want it to... and will be tons easier to work with.

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I would look at creating a ps file using php ps or a pdf using php pdf either of these can be opened into illustrator readily and as far as photoshop you can generate images using GD or imageMagick

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