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How to reduce the uses of CSS IDs and Classes in mark-up using HTML5 and CSS3?

Which HTML5 tags and CSS3 properties can reduce the need of classes and IDs

Currently I know

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The way these reference neighbors could be considered using less ids, and the html 5 tags with colons. This came from the Mix 11 videos.

CSS pop up menu:

.menu > li > ul {display: none;}
.menu > li:hover > ul { display:block;}

Dependent content:

.faq > div {display:none;}
.faq > div:target {display:block;}


:valid, :invalid, :required, :optional, :in-range, :out-of-range, 
:read-only, :read-write

#signup input:focus:required:valid + .val .invalid {display:none;}
#signup input:focus:required:invalid + .val .valid {display:none;}


.faq > div {display:none;}
.faq > div:target {display:block;position:relative;
       -webkit-animation:throb 1.5s infinite;}
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great , thanks man –  Jitendra Vyas May 19 '11 at 2:39
IDs are more efficient than those methods: css-tricks.com/efficiently-rendering-css –  naught101 Aug 8 '13 at 22:24

Pseudo classes can do that, such as :first-child and :last-child, the latter which is new in CSS3.

You are better off having a look here.

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