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Is there any way to get the requested path (the path displayed in the browser address bar) vs the redirected path for a subdomain (hidden from the user) using javascript

I am using a shared javascript file (shared across multiple pages and sites) that determines the controller and action (MVC) using window.location.pathname but... I have just caught myself out as my deployment runs under sub-domains which I wasn't representing in the Visual Studio dev environment. the sub-domains on my host redirect to a /subdomain folder as is usually the case but now my window.location.pathname pulls back /subdomain/controller/action whereas the URL in the address bar is /controller/action

Obviously I can tweak my javascript to handle this situation - however there may not always be a subdomain (at least in my dev environment if nothing else - and I am dead against solutions like having "isdev" style flags throughout my code) so I have to have a fail-over for those instances which means things start to get a little more complicated thus being more prone to error.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Btw I do not want to use values from .Net e.g. HttpContext... as my js is in an external file and I do not want to create a dependency on data in a view for it to work as this means every time I consume the js on a new page I have to remember to include the additional logic in the view for it to work, plus if I change my js file it may result in me having to refactor a bunch of views as well.

Cheers Rob

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I just can't imagine, how it could be, when you in sub.site.com/controller/action and your window.location is site.com/subdomain/controller/action Or I just missing something? –  gaRex May 19 '11 at 4:20

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window.location.href should return the entire URL that the site is currently at, including the subdomain e.g. http://subdomain.site.com/path/to/page.aspx

Alternatively you can use window.location.host and it will return everything except for the path, or window.location.pathname to return just the relative path to the file.

See the MDC article on window.location for more information: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/DOM/window.location

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