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In the Adobe PDF1.7 Guide, there's a table in section "D.2 Latin Character Set and Encodings".

Are the columns "MAC" and "WIN" the wrong way round? [For example the table, as it stands, implies "WIN" has fraction characters whereas "MAC" does not!?]

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I don't see why the columns "MAC" and "WIN" should be the wrong way round. (Your logic to come up with such a suspicion is flawed: just because the MAC column does have empty values where WIN has entries wouldn't suggest the situation would be more comfortable. Because in this case there would a different person complaining about the same empty entries in the WIN column...)

It's not that WIN is "complete" while MAC is "incomplete". For example WinAnsiEncoding doesn't have dotlessi or breve while MacRomanEncoding does.

No -- indeed characters like fraction slash or threequarters are not present in MacRomanEncoding. (That does not mean Macs or MacRomanEncoding-using PDFs can't display or these characters if they should occur in a PDF: these characters just need to be encoded in a font using custom encoding or one of the encodings which support them...)

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