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I have some different kind of issue here on SugarCRM.

As Admin I created a module named as "My Projects" where only "Project Manager" can edit/create or delete and the "designers" can only view this, this part is done. Now I created a custom field (dropdown field) as "Project Status" which should be available for everyone to edit (e.g Project Manager and Designers). As designer, should not allow to edit any other options/fields in "My Projects" except the "Project Status" field. I am not sure whether it is possible to give edit option to certain fields instead of whole module. Please let me if anyone come across similar situations.

Edit I am using SugarCRM Professional version 6.1.5

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If you're using SugarCRM PRO/ENT you can define permissions on both module and field level.

  • Go to Administration -> Role Management
  • Select the role
  • Click on a module to enter "field permissions" mode
  • Click on the field you want to change
  • Save when done

For more information, see SugarCRM documentation.

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Yes it works, First I set the edit permission and later disabled all individual fields edit is readonly except the editable field. – AjayR May 20 '11 at 9:24

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