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I am facing a problem with one of my XBAP (WPF Browser application) projects:

Here I have two list boxes:

  • One a simple list containing text content
  • Second one containing an expander as each item:

alt text

Now when I click on the item in the first listbox (on the left side), the foreground changes to white and then changes back to black if another item is selected.

Where as for an item in second list box (right side), when I click on the item, the foreground remains black. This is because the text content itself is contained within Expander control:

alt text

Now how do I make the Expander control Foreground color behave similar to when a listbox item is selected/selection is changed? Is there any dependency property which I can use to accomplish this?

Note: I want the second list box (right) to behave exactly similar to the first one (left) with respect foreground color.

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Just add Foreground="{TemplateBinding TextElement.Foreground}" to the elements in the template like this

<DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type l:City}">
        Header="Click to Expand" 
        Foreground="{TemplateBinding TextElement.Foreground}"
            Text="{Binding Name}" 
            Foreground="{TemplateBinding TextElement.Foreground}"
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This is what i was looking for. Thanks – Ngm Mar 4 '09 at 3:26

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