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Does the play() function in Flash:

  1. move the playhead of the MovieClip to the next frame -- as soon as play() is called
  2. change the MovieClip's state to "playing" -- actually move MovieClip to next frame, when movie moves to next frame
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In normal circumstances it would be option 2. However, it is possible to have the frame re-drawn immediately. There is a catch though, you can only do this within mouse move and timer interval handlers. In AS3 have a look at the MouseEvent.updateAfterEvent and the TimerEvent.updateAfterEvent methods. In AS 2 there is a global updateAfterEvent function you can call with the same restrictions.

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I think its 2. change the MovieClip's state to "playing"

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I agree, everything that's on the current frame will still be available until it that frame "ends" and the next one is displayed. –  grapefrukt Mar 3 '09 at 10:02
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