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I'm getting an obnoxious segfault in PHP 5.3.6 (compiled from source, Slackware 13.1 x86, VPS in Linode). It is happening in both apache and nginx (fpm). Finally managed to get a core dump:

0  0x083db383 in _zval_ptr_dtor ()
1  0x083f3c45 in zend_hash_destroy ()
2  0x083e6fba in _zval_dtor_func ()
3  0x083da69a in _zval_dtor ()
4  0x083db3df in _zval_ptr_dtor ()
5  0x083f3c45 in zend_hash_destroy ()
6  0x083e6fba in _zval_dtor_func ()
7  0x083da69a in _zval_dtor ()
8  0x083db3df in _zval_ptr_dtor ()
9  0x083f3c45 in zend_hash_destroy ()
10 0x08406091 in zend_object_std_dtor ()
11 0x0840632e in zend_objects_free_object_storage ()
12 0x0840a44c in zend_objects_store_del_ref_by_handle_ex ()
13 0x0840a23b in zend_objects_store_del_ref ()
14 0x083e6fe1 in _zval_dtor_func ()
15 0x083da69a in _zval_dtor ()
16 0x083db3df in _zval_ptr_dtor ()
17 0x083f3c45 in zend_hash_destroy ()
18 0x08406091 in zend_object_std_dtor ()
19 0x0840632e in zend_objects_free_object_storage ()
20 0x0840a44c in zend_objects_store_del_ref_by_handle_ex ()
21 0x0840a23b in zend_objects_store_del_ref ()
22 0x083e6fe1 in _zval_dtor_func ()
23 0x083da69a in _zval_dtor ()
24 0x083db3df in _zval_ptr_dtor ()
25 0x083f3c45 in zend_hash_destroy ()
26 0x083e6fba in _zval_dtor_func ()
27 0x083da69a in _zval_dtor ()
28 0x083daed6 in shutdown_executor ()
29 0x083e86c8 in zend_deactivate ()
30 0x0838ebad in php_request_shutdown ()
31 0x084a3f26 in main ()

I'm using the memcache, apc, and mongo extensions (compiled from source). I tried disabling apc, but no luck. My PHP configure:

./configure \
    --prefix=/usr/local/php \
    --enable-fpm \
    --enable-inline-optimization \
    --disable-magic-quotes \
    --enable-mbstring \
    --enable-mbregex \
    --enable-safe-mode \
    --enable-wddx=shared \
    --enable-xml \
    --with-gd \
    --enable-gd-native-ttf \
    --with-png-dir=/usr \
    --with-jpeg-dir=/usr \
    --with-freetype-dir=/usr \
    --with-gettext \
    --with-curl \
    --with-mysql=/usr \
    --with-mysqli=/usr/bin/mysql_config \
    --with-regex=system \
    --with-zlib-dir=/usr/lib \
    --with-openssl \
    --with-snmp \

This happens only on one certain page of an application (code is too big to share). Looks like it's failing on shutdown. I saw this bug report on the PHP tracker from about 6 or 7 years ago, but haven't heard of anyone seeing it since.

What's weird is that everything was working fine a few days ago until I deployed some changes to the app. It was nothing monolithic, and I wish I could pinpoint the exact commit, but there were about 5 commits between when it worked and the next time I realized it wasn't working.

Can anyone make heads or tails of this, or should I submit a bug report and hope for the best?

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Figured it out (sort of). Got the latest dev build (5.3-201105190430) from and compiled & installed it. That fixed the problem (so apparently they know about it and have it queued for inclusion).


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I have a client who is experiencing an almost identical coredump. They are using PHP 5.2.17 so this is a long-standing bug. Thank you for pointing out that snapshot that worked. I just extracted from PHP's svn as of that date and time and did a diff versus the stock 5.3.6. I suspect it was one of these that fixed it:

. Fixed bug #54585 (track_errors causes segfault).

. Fixed bug #54372 (Crash accessing global object itself returned from its __get() handle).

. Fixed bug #54262 (Crash when assigning value to a dimension in a non-array).

. Fixed a crash inside dtor for error handling.

. Fixed bug #54580 (get_browser() segmentation fault when browscap ini directive is set through php_admin_value).

You said this problem appeared between about 5 commits. Is there any chance you can provide me with a diff of your app containing just those 5 commits so we can figure out exactly which of the above fixes is the relevant one? It may help to determine a way around the bug.

Please feel free to email releaze3 AT gmail DOT com. Not my real email but I will respond from my real one (avoiding spam - I dont care if spam goes to that address). Hopefully together we can work out exactly what causes this and give people a work-around who can't upgrade their PHP.

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You might be hit by "Segfault in zend_gc with SF2 testsuite" which apparently is caused by "any usage of zval_dtor with recursive array may trigger this segfault."

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