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I've installed Pex & moles and was trying to follow the tutorial

but couldnt add a new items --> moles to the test project for some reason

cant find the file type there

i've tried to reinstall it few times unsuccessfully...

what can i do ?



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Your tutorial says to add a new item? I thought that I read that on a old version of Moles.

Never mind. Actually, go to the References in your test project. Right-clik on the assembly you want to mole, you will have "Add Moles Assembly". For mscorlib, right-click directly on the References node and you will have "Add Moles Assembly for mscorlib".

Hope this help.

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you're right! but how come the first moles tutorial in the main pex website is demonstrating the old method ?? where can i get the most up-to-dated tutorial ? thanks! – danfromisrael May 22 '11 at 6:29
Hum, I'm a little surprised. I've download Moles from and I chose the Visual Studio Gallery version. This release of Moles comes with a manual, a tutorial up-to-dated, a Moles sample and several other things. However, I found that the tutorial and the examples was not enough. Use examples of Typemock or Justmock and try to do the same things with Moles is a good training. – Jeco May 23 '11 at 7:08

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