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I am trying my hand on EF with EF4.1 Code Frist. I have developed my models, like:

public class User
    public int Id{get;set;}
    public string FristName{get;set;}

I have written an interface also:

public interface IUser
    IDbSet<User> Users{get;}

My context class looks like this:

public class UserContext : DbContext, IUser
    public DbSet<User> Users{get;set;}

    IDbSet<User> IUser.Users{get return{Users;}}

Now I am at loss how to use Moq to mock this repository and do unit testing. Maybe I am new to unit testing with mocking.

Kindly advise me or point me to some resources where I can learn how to use Moq with EF4.1.

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A great pattern to use when mocking data access is the Repository pattern and Unit of work. When you have abstracted data access to a Repository interface you can use a mocking framework like moq. To provide you with a testable repository.

var mockUnitOfWork = new Mock<IUnitOfWork>();
mockUnitOfWork.SetupGet(p => p.UserRepository.GetSomeUsers)
.Returns(new List<User> { "Username", "email","etc"}));  

You can then use the mockUnitOfWork and repository to test data access without having to hit the database as its only accessing an in memory list of users.

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