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I have an external config file for my AppSettings, called ApplicationSettings.sgs.

This file is then in turn, reference in the my web.config as an external file source:

<appSettings file="Assets\Settings\application.sgs" />

However, when making changes to application.sgs, and I refresh my page where the new value should be pulling through, I still get the old value.

I've ensured that I'm refreshing the section, using ConfigurationManager.RefreshSection("appSettings"); but this is also brings back the default value. Is there something a miss in this solution?



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Has anyone been able to answer this? I have the same problem. – user875193 Aug 2 '11 at 17:46
BJHuffine. I ended up setting up a filesystemwatcher to check for any file changes. If any changes occur, I clean the class instance, and reinstantiate it with the changes. this is a very long way around, but the only other way I could get it to work. this appears to be a problem within the .net framework specifically. you can try with WebConfigurationManager (inherits from ConfigurationManager) but I couldn't get this to work either. – JadedEric Aug 3 '11 at 7:08

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